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English Version of Information on Kasturi Syifa'


InsyaAllah, Kasturi Syifa’ will help:

  1. As self shield / Aura Protection
  2. As shield/safeguard for your home, work place, business location etc
  3. Promotes mental & spiritual well being
  4. Stimulates the brain & enhances positive aura
  5. Excellent alternative therapy for problematic children
  6. Eliminates anxiety
  7. As protection to ward off mysterious disturbances/spirits
  8. As dua’ for self shield in entering old/ancient places, buildings, to go to sea, remote rivers, jungle & etc.
  9. As dua’ to ward off ill intentions of other (sihr), hysteria, demonic possessions etc

This product is guaranteed pure, clean, halal & can be taken to solah.

Note: Please ensure the product is stored at high places as it has been recited with Quranic verses & dua’

Contains: White kasturi perfume with:
  • 30 Juzk of Al-Quran
  • Syifa’ verses
  • Ruqyah verses
  • Al-Muawizat
  • As Maul Husna
  • Dua’ Syifa
  • Tafrijiyyah verses
  • Istighfar
  • Solat Hajat

Recommended Methods of usage:

Facing kiblah, take a deep breath & relax
  1. Say istighfar & recite Ummul Kitab Al-Fatihah
  2. Say praise to Muhammad SAW x 3 with niah/intention/dua’ & brush on Kasturi
  3. Say your dua’ as : “Dear Allah, may this effort be the reasoning for healing of my mental & spiritual well being”
  4. Breathe in deeply the aroma of Kasturi
  5. May Allah bestow upon us his blessings from it

As self shield/Aura Protection:

  1. Start by brushing off Kasturi to both eye brows & behind ears
  2. Brush onto both shoulders
  3. Brush onto both wrists
  4. Also brush onto your neck & breathe in the aroma of Kasturi
  5. For those with children always faced with disturbances/crying in middle of the night, brush on Kasturi behind their ears & above forehead

As safeguard to your home, work place, business locations:

  1. Best used with water that has been ruqyah with Quranic verses
  2. Pour the water into a container and brush your finger with Kasturi Syifa’
  3. Start by putting your finger into the water & turning it as per tawaf (anti-clockwise)
  4. Say your niah/intention as “Dear Allah, may this effort be the reason protecting me from ill intentions of humans & jinns”
  5. Recite 3 Quls to the water & breathe out slowly
  6. Pour the water into a spray bottle & spray over your home, work place, business area etc.

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